SOL#7 Best prank ever

The best prank I ever did 

On April fools 2017 I made the funniest prank on my whole family, it was literally funny cause on April fools is my cousins birthday and my uncles birthday. So I bought 2 packs of Oreos and 2 kinds of different toothpaste, I go home open the pack Oreos and started taking them apart. I took the white flavor thing off and replaced with toothpaste, on exactly every Oreos except 10 to not make it  obvious .So then I took a huge bowl and put all of them in there, I got plastic an put it on top as well.

From there I just waited in till the party starts, when it was time. I just started laughing out of no where, so when I arrived at my cousins house. I just said hi to everyone and started walking toward the kitchen to leave the Oreos.

Hours past.... and it was time for desserts (cake,  pastries , oreos) I started lightning up the candles and singing the happy birthday song, after that was done we all started digging in the desserts. As soon as my whole family and f…

SOL#6 The chaos

There was this one Christmas that was horrible and it was such a chaos, everything was so well in till it was almost midnight. The morning was kinda okay, cause I had a nice breakfast and nice bath. But then around 11:30 am, it was time to make the food for tonight. It was me, my grandma and my mom were making the food, and when we were almost done with food we would always making dessert. Which was this recipe that my grandma would always make, its jello but with mixed flavors like Orange ,Strawberry, Pomegranate Blueber Cherry, Berry Blue ,Lemon ,Lime, Raspberry and more. So when we were done with everything, my family members started arriving. When we finally have all are family together, we started eating and having small conversations. Once my uncle and grandpa starts talking, they both get in a fight( huge fight). Then comes in my grandma and aunt, they both get in the fight between my uncle and grandpas fight. When all four of them fight it turns into chaos, food and drinks wer…

SOL#5 forever friend

Once I turned 5 my grandfather bought me a horse, his name was midnight. Midnight is a black horse, and has a white birth mark on his forehead. He was the nicest horse I ever met, he takes care of me, he helps me, he makes me laugh. Midnight is like a sibling I ever had, he was very special to me.

Till this day, I still called him my sibling (brother). But instead I call him family, he doesn’t exactly live with me. But I still see him at my grandfather’s ranch (barn) in Rockford.

SOL#4 Busy day

The busiest day of my life
One day I had a beautiful morning, I was so energetic. I made my special shake, made some eggs and French toast. But as soon as my mom gets up stairs she screams out “ GET READY FOR A SPECIAL DAY” . In my mind I was like, *save me please* because I know when my mom said pjs that. That means you should really get ready, SO back after the big scream I told my mom “ we don’t we eat first and relax for a bit”, but she said * your not eating that *. But she  whispered it when she turned around, so I told myself I guess I won’t be eating my favorite breakfast.  
So when we get in the car, she starts pulling out a really big list about what we are going to buy and where are we going. After seeing that list my eyes were in shock, like I was literally surprised. 
Places where we were going to go  -Walmart -Jewels  -Berwyn markert - Take my cat to the doctor (for a check up) -My cousin house to pick something up -Go pickup my grandma - Take grandma out (eating) - Take …

SOL#3 She’s BACK!

Finally my favorite teacher is back, Mrs.Vula my teacher left before winter break. And the reason why she left was because she had her baby. Her very cute baby boy, I was really glad she’s back. Also cause she helps me in so many ways, when she came to visit on March 2nd at school in our last class. Which was 4th block math, she came with a big scream. She surprised us very well, when I came up to her I started balling my tears out. I was very happy to see her, the class literally went wild. It was very loud (loudness of joy) , She made my day. Even the baby made my day, I honestly haven’t seen a real baby in like a couple of weeks....

Back the slice, Mrs.Vula will be actually coming officially on March 14 and I’m so excited.

SOL#2 farewell friend

There was this day, that was going well. But I found out in my ELA class that one of my family members is leaving. It got me hard, JT was literally the 2nd 7th grader that I got to know. He was great and funny, I’m glad I got to knew JT. Near end of class, my two teachers got all of us together and told us to write a goodbye letter to JT. Then we all sat together in a circle on the rug, and started just sharing some goodbye things to JT.

Somethings we all said
My peer said  it feels like a funeral
Then a other said Yeah, even Ms. Brezek is in all black 
All of us were laughing and finshing up to get to a other class. One of my last peer said something real touching to JT. "Just remember, this your home."

Happy birthday Laila

Happy birthday Laila 

You were really slient most of the time in quarter 1 and 2 . But in quarter 3, your goal was to open up a little. And you did!, I’m glad you did. Ever since we started our groups, I started getting a little more comfortable talking to you and other 7th graders. 

I love your laugh, your very funny at some times and I hope I get to know you better In the future.