SOL#7 Best prank ever

The best prank I ever did 

On April fools 2017 I made the funniest prank on my whole family, it was literally funny cause on April fools is my cousins birthday and my uncles birthday. So I bought 2 packs of Oreos and 2 kinds of different toothpaste, I go home open the pack Oreos and started taking them apart. I took the white flavor thing off and replaced with toothpaste, on exactly every Oreos except 10 to not make it  obvious .So then I took a huge bowl and put all of them in there, I got plastic an put it on top as well.

From there I just waited in till the party starts, when it was time. I just started laughing out of no where, so when I arrived at my cousins house. I just said hi to everyone and started walking toward the kitchen to leave the Oreos.

Hours past.... and it was time for desserts (cake,  pastries , oreos) I started lightning up the candles and singing the happy birthday song, after that was done we all started digging in the desserts. As soon as my whole family and friends took a bite of the Oreos, I was cracking up so loud cause of the reactions of my family. There were so disgusted, It was the funniest thing I ever did with my family.


  1. I would have freaked out if toothpaste was in my Oreos because Oreos are my favorite.

  2. so so clever, Natalie! Did they ever prank you back?!

  3. I don't know how you were able to wait all the way to dessert?! Sounds like it was worth it though. Great prank!


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